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How preparation can bring ease

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

What most people want out of life is a life that is easy. And in a perfect world, we all want to have ease happens instantly, like magic! But unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. If the feeling fo smooth flowing ease is so easy to obtain in our life, there probably would be less sufferings in this world.

This might sound paradoxical, but to create ease, we have to prepare and manage our lives. And I was reminded of this from a recent incident with my laptop.

A few days ago my laptop got stuck in a massive loop of errors (I’m partially blaming Apple for it), and basically it crashed broke.

The whole thing happened at night and strangely I was calm and cool as a cucumber. There was no freaking out, no stressing out. I thought to myself: well, the worst that could happen would be a bad repair or I would have to borrow someone’s machine while I finance for a new one. These are all solvable problems.

Then I started thinking how I could be so calm. Well for one thing, all those years of meditations and mindful practices have help me see the bigger picture.

The other thing is that my years in IS/ Risk Management/ IT audit have given me the most valuable lessons, which is to always have a back up of data and have some sort of contingency plan.

And that is applicable in everything in this world isn’t it? Eat well, exercise, maintain health to prepare you for viruses, bacteria’s, and bad weather. Save your money and have emergency fund to prepare you for unprecedented life changes. Meditate, do mindful practices, heal your past traumas so you can face what life throws your way. And back up your data in case your computer crashes.

Because it will. Because the only constant thing in life is change. And all we can do is to prepare and manage the change when it comes.

So folks, if you haven’t, please remember to back up your data! Especially if like me, your computer/ laptop is your livelihood and money maker!

And remember that change (especially the unpredictable kind) is very much a big part of our lives. And knowing that, helps us to prepare for it, so we can stay calm and easy when they come 😊.

So, do a little meditation each day to know your state. And prepare and manage so that ease is easier to come by.

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Nikola Mira
Nikola Mira
09 mars 2022

Love it, Ci Meta. Terima Kasih sudah berbagi cerita yang menginspirasi. Ditunggu cerita selanjutnya yah.

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